Friday, March 6, 2015

from: Elizabeth Castillo

Hi! How are you?
Have you seen this ? It was shown on the Oprah's show! 
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Elizabeth Castillo

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Yertle the Turtle: Pet vs. King

Our home has a turtle…I think turtles are awesome…I have never had a turtle as a pet, though.
I love animals, and am great with pretty much all of them—‘pretty much’ –My past indicates I lack the knack for aquarium pets.
I am not interested in maintaining an aquarium…even though I love the aquarium animals.
I had 2 Beta Fish…both died. I suspect Vino Tinto was ailing prior to my parenting, and well…Sergio; Sergio committed suicide while I was cleaning the beautiful vase that was his home.
They were both well-loved and both were given my highest ability of ‘Fish Life Quality & Longevity’.

All that being said…since the turtles and fish were already here when I made my debut; I left the care to more experienced handlers.
That is still true, but I have gained an interest in contributing to the Turtle’s life with us. It began yesterday when I could hear him banging around in the tank.

I went to check on him and found him literally stuck under a new addition to his environment: A Rock

Later my boyfriend and I headed to Petsmart. Sasha needed dog food and Kevin wanted to check out new filters for the Turtle tank.
When I met up with Kevin, in the Turtle area, I asked what the turtle might like to improve his environment and life.
I was given many helpful tips on what does work and what doesn’t, along with very good reasons that corresponded.

I eventually found ‘stackable rocks’ and after careful consideration was given approval to bring them home for Yertle.
I can’t remember the Turtle’s real name, so I call him Yertle.
I can’t remember the Parakeets real names either, so they are now ‘Pancho & Lefty’

I made this video earlier today after introducing Yertle to his new ‘Stackable Rocks’

Yertle and His Kingdom

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Frozen Food ‘Cooking’-Advanced Skills a Plus

Last trip to the grocery store I decided to carouse the frozen section for quick fixes when faced with a time crunch, or laziness.
I had never bought a Chicken Pot Pie, but for some reason it sounded like a good idea.
It’s just a Chicken Pot Pie.  The whole point of frozen food items is to not really cook…just easily heat up a previously cooked meal.
It turns out that the Chicken Pot Pie defies the general ‘frozen food stereotype’ and actually requires a series of ‘almost cooking’ steps.
  1. The microwave instructions look lengthy, but I rarely actually microwave.  I skimmed to the ‘conventional oven’ steps
  2. So next you take the pot pie out of the microwavable wrapper
    easy enough 
  3. Wait…next you leave the pot pie in the paper tray?
      I felt that sounded dangerous—I mean putting paper in the oven
    *pretty sure I am wrong, because Marie Calendar wouldn’t want us to burn down the kitchen- right?*
  4. Ok, well…
    Wrap the crust with aluminum foil??  Like just around the crust??  How much?? A thin layer??
    Am I supposed to wrap from the bottom to protect the paper from catching fire??
    I went with wrapping from the bottom, to not cause a fire…I don’t know if that was protocol.
  5. Finally the Pot Pie was prepped and ready for the oven. 
  6. After spending 46-48 mins in the oven you should check on your Pot Pie to see if it is ready for consumption.
    I don’t normally take the ‘CHECK that it is thoroughly cooked’ too seriously, because it is generally pretty basic.
    The Pot Pie instructions displayed a more detailed method to ensure ‘thoroughly cooked’

  7. I did consider that a pot pie has more more features that make a visual prediction of ‘thoroughly cooked’ more challenging.

    I was scrounging around for the meat thermometer that is rarely put to use.
    That fact alone was a red flag that ‘heating’ a frozen Chicken Pot Pie sets a bar indicating there are in fact different levels of frozen food ‘cooking skill’
    Chicken Pot Pie – intermediate to advanced

Friday, February 8, 2013

Not so Paperless….Paperless

I recently moved, and while updating my account information, I noticed that I was not enrolled in paperless billing.
I recycle and everything…and I care about wasting paper, but I also like anticipating my mail will actually be interesting and maybe even fun.  That is why I decided to bring Pen Pals back. 
**Which I am--- I have a Pen Pal, in Michigan**

Ok…anyway…I received the following, in the mail regarding my recent choice for ‘Paperless’


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Travel Tips

When traveling, especially on airplanes, I think (HOPE) we all know by now to ALWAYS put liquid items in baggies in case they open (due to pressurization), or leak.  The TSA requires your liquids to be in a baggie and taken out of your carry on luggage, when going thru security, but you should also keep those items in baggies, for checked bags, as well-- for above listed reasons.
I have learned to take the baggie protection to an even more secure level.  Even though your liquids are contained in a baggie and generally safe from leaking out of baggie onto your other items....this does not mean that one or more of your liquid items won't leak into baggie and leave a soapy mess on your other liquids and also just make a mess in the baggie to the point it that you just don't even want to try to clean out the baggie for re use.
When I travel over seas, MOST of the hotels have slender bags for 'sanitary needs disposal'  I now steal all of them and use them to INDIVIDUALLY put my liquids in and thus separating them from each other, inside the protective baggie. I know this sounds like a complicated explanation....I am not fully awake, so I apologize, but I have some pictures to assist.

To the right you see the

IN this picture you see all items in their individual baggie, within the baggie....and thus if one item decides to make a mess the mess is kept to themselves and does not affect the overall happiness of the baggie, or the other items :-)

YAY :-)