Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Brazil Dream

I dreamt I was in a different country……..I guess ..Brazil, I seem to remember referring to it as Rio in my dream. I wasn't in the city though………I was really more in the jungle and country. I was traveling alone and was leaving back to the states the following day when all of a sudden there was a political uprising or rebellion of some sort. The country was in total lock down and was quickly overtaken by violent militia. I was traveling thru a village at the time and I was the only foreigner. I was told no foreigners would be permitted to leave and that any foreigner found would be taken prisoner. They let me stay in this village and I stayed with a family. The mood in the village was shear survival and also fear…….there were no other foreigners in the village but apparently there were villagers that if found the militia would also take prisoner, for certain said crimes. We were as quiet as possible in the dark night and slept on whatever we could……I remember sleeping in a courtyard that was made of dirt and the walls of the courtyard were a white stucco……….in the middle of the courtyard was a clothesline with a few ragged items left for the night...
In the morning around 7am I awoke to a deep horn/ flute noise………it was an amazing sound and after it sounded there were 100's of lighter sounds that followed. Apparently I was in the village that made these instruments and every morning at 7am they would sound and signify the beginning of a new day. It was the most magnificent sound and so intoxicating………I remember being so captivated by the sound and all I could do was be happy to be surrounded by it. I didn't care about anything else.
One of the villagers came to me and said me must go and I quickly got my things together and we drove out of the village through the countryside. Our attempt was to get me across the border to safety………..
Along the way as the sounds of the horns/flutes began to fade we passed many pastures with sheep. The sheep had long skinny black legs and thick, large, gray curls for their coat, they had small pleasant faces and when they spoke to each other it was as if they were singing. Yes, just sheep "bah's" but somehow it was also magical. It was truly the most amazing place to have been and to have felt…..even though around me was such violence and fear and my own life was in jeopardy these sounds were something that touched me and I knew would always be a part of me. I could look out the window of the car and just lose myself to thought and sond.
We were unsuccessful in leaving the borders that day and returned to the village. I saw a little more of the village life and how they worked together to make each necessity a part of their lives. I also saw how they accepted family members that the militias were also in search of knowing that the militia would also take the entire family for housing them.
I saw the militia from my hiding spot find one such person and I saw them burn the entire family's house leaving some for dead and some to start all over again with less than nothing. The villagers never complained or thought selfishly or turned anyone away for fear of their own safety or lives. Even me, a foreigner, they didn't even know.
Everyday we awoke to the beautiful sounds and made the same journey but every day we came back to the village.
I also remember passing the day with the guide that began my journey to the border each day…….we spoke a little of the politics and remember finding out it was a Governer Masaca (first "a" has a hyphen but my computer can't do that) that was sending his men to our side of the country.
One night it rained very hard, the kind of rain that hurts when it hits you. I was sleeping/ hiding under some bushes near a porch. I heard the militia arrive at the house and search through and destroy the house. I was so afraid they would find me, and wanted so badly to be able to see how many were there and where exactly they were. I tried to look, but was afraid to be seen………in the distance I could see a cove that a highway wrapped around……….it seemed so close but so far from the world I was in. I imagined safety and a larger network inside the cove and wondered about the world over there and if they were in the same fear. I imagined for a moment and then laid back down in the grass and waited for night, the rain and the militia to pass.
Eventually refugees from the cove ended up in our village…..only a few, but it was because we were closer to the border they had to pass thru our village. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were amongst them. Angelina was asleep but I talked to Brad about life in the village and the sounds in the morning. He spoke of a much different uneventful life in the cove, and I couldn't wait for him to hear the sounds in the morning. I considered it a blessing to live in the village no matter what because it was not everyone that was able to be apart of the 7am ritual beginning of a new day and the sounds that came with it. I couldn't wait for morning to come.
Angelina woke up and I remember her and Brad having problems and her saying that she would try to be more real………all of this transpired with a big camera in front of her face. I remember her laying across a row of seats talking to Brad about this and stretching as if it was all very real, but with a camera 5" from her face I couldn't imagine such a reality……….and yet it was just 5" from my face but I was not in front of the camera. Still watching the whole thing transpire and being so close to it was strange. I remember thinking, or asking, how can she talk about being real if everything has to be said in front of a camera, but I decided that was real….it was her reality and it was just something different very different from mine. I don't know…….
Eventually I was able to leave the borders and I remember relaying my story to people and them noting the unity of the villagers and sense of family and being one. I explained that I had never seen or felt such a thing. It was so strange for me to be around people that would never let go no matter what the repercussions it meant for them, and they did so without any thought. There was no hesitation or question about it, it was just a part of who they were and what life was to them.
Truly the lifestyle and the sounds were something I felt would bring a smile to my face and joy no matter where I was but I also knew after being a part of everything I had experienced there was a part of me would always miss that.
It left me with a strange peacefulness yet longing………….a longing I was comfortable in knowing had been brought to me by such a unique experience.
Don't ask why Angelina and Brad had to be a part of it, but I guess b/c they are always traveling and working with humanitarian organizations.