Saturday, September 20, 2008


Yes....for those of you living in the greater Houston area that are the LUCKY DUCKS that have had your power restored......Well, if you are one of those elite people and you are or are not lonely and would maybe like some company I would love to offer my bubbly personality to enhance your household. My husband,too.......he works during the day and is usually pretty quiet so you may not even realize he is there. We are out of town @ the moment but are expected to return to Houston Sunday PM..........Its not looking good for our zip code as far as power restoration and this is just getting ridiculous
Well no pressure, but PLEASE.......I WOULD LOVE YOU FOREVER and do dishes and maybe some light household work in order to earn my keep. I can also grill salmon really good and make chicken parmesean too.

I will for sure keep your house stocked with plenty of red wine, but I will also drink it.

Also i am a master at many games, but if you are competitive I will try to let you win.

PS---- I am a flight attendant and would hopefully be going out of town by the following weekend......