Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Purse-- Now Itemized

Today I decided to clean out the contents of my purse and here is what I found, minus soem of the stuff I threw away:

  1. 9 pens, a sharpie, and a highlighter
  2. Women's Health Magazine
  3. Flight attendant Bid package
  4. checkbook
  5. e-mails from my mom containing VERY detailed shopping list for Thanksgiving dinner
  6. hotel note pads
  7. Express gift card from last Christmas (partially used)
  8. hair clips......bobby pins
  9. 2 sets of hoop earrings and several partial pairs of old earrings
  10. tampons
  11. lighter, and 2 books of matches (NO I don't smoke)
  12. bottle/ soda can opener
  13. savings card for grocery store in Amsterdam
  14. 2 chapsticks, 2 lip glosses and a lipstick
  15. travel size lotion from First Class amenity kit
  16. pouch with first aid materials ( aids, airplane pain relievers, eye drops)
  17. allergy medecine
  18. nose spray
  19. Pamprin
  20. Advil
  21. 3 packs of gum
  22. liquid oxygen I bought from Duty Free cart b/c it claimed to be good for jet lag and hang overs.....still not sure if I agree)
  23. Oyster card carrier for subway in London
  24. 2 sets of headphones for my Ipod.......foamie things that go around headphones also found- but seperately
  25. spare set of keys to Joe's car and one for mine (that no longer works remotely after being washed with my jeans)
  26. Purell hand wipes
  27. random business cards I haven't looked @ in over a year
  28. pouch for holding money, ID and hotel key when I don't feel like taking my whole purse
  29. spoon
  30. headsets for watchiing Inflight movies
  31. kleenex
  32. several nail files
  33. contact case
  34. wallet
  35. card holder
  36. BB (DUH!!)
  37. eye mask
  38. brush
  39. random change
  40. $5 (YAY)
  41. 24 Hr Fitness Card
  42. passport
  43. Continental Airline ID
  44. map for London subway
  45. toothpaste
  46. another thing of hand lotion from a hotel
  47. receipts that people insist on giving me after transactions that I don't really care about
  48. sock
  49. handy mirror to check my beautifulness/ or lack there of
  50. sunglasses
  51. old car insurance card
  52. mints that have caffeine (not enough)

Ok, I THINK that MAY be it


KFuj said...

looks like my purse. Can we get a detailed list? My laptop is at work, and this picture is super small on my bb.

Agent DragonFly said...

Yeah...I thought of doing Itemized list.....I will do that but probably not until tomorrow

Andrea said...

How heavy is your purse? And you are the anti-Queen when it comes to purses, huh?

Paula said...

Holy cow! My purse is 8 inches long, 5 inches tall and 3 inches wide specifically because if I carry a big purse, that is exactly what happens to me.

Queen B said...

you have prompted me to do a reply post :)

Now, with your being a flight attendant I do understand that your purse and its contents are really important to your survival world-wide. I am amazed by the contents. Seriously, in awe.

Diane said...

Wow! What kind of a purse do you carry?

Kim Thomas said...

This reminds me of when I cleaned up my car.

Having said that you need to take a lesson from Queen B and downsize.

I will tell you one other thing though, as a flight attendent you are the only HCBC member that really needs to carry alot of stuff with her, I hereby authorize you to carry a purse.

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

52 items in a purse? That would never fit in my bra

Ann said...

That sounds like my purse, minus the spoon and the sock! LOL!

Anonymous said...