Friday, December 26, 2008

Kimono Delight

I worked over Christmas....I went to Tokyo....actually Narita (which is like an hr train ride--- at least-- outside Tokyo) Narita is where the airport and our hotel is located. Narita is not very exciting.........To actually get to the city part of Narita you have to take a bus from the hotel so I decided this time to skip out on site seeing and hang out in my hotel.
The hotel, strangely, has a big huge locker room where all different crews keep stuff for while they are on their layover...........The hotel TVs have VHS tape Continental's locker area we have a bunch of different VHS tapes we can borrow. This is VERY cool if you don't speak Japanese and want to watch anything besides BBC and CNN. Anyway, I borrowed 2 movies.........and went to my room.....we also get free internet in the room, as I am sure some of you noticed due to my constant facebooking.
While hanging out in my room I found a kimono.........I thought it would be fun to try on. I was an instant fan of the Kimono!!......this was definitely bottom of the line Kimono but it still was SUPER comfortable and smelled REALLY good. I was sooooo comfortable in it I decided to sleep in it.............Kimonos are really not a good candidate for 'sleep wear' due to their resemblance to the hospital gown, but I was still VERY comfortable. I REALLY wanted to take 'My' kimono home b/c I was certain this would be my new household uniform, but when I called the front desk inquiring about whether it was complimentary I received a confusing answer that included something about bringing it to the front desk. I presumed that to mean NOT complimentary and I did not really want to check out @ the front desk with a used kimono in my hands.

Here is a picture of me in my kimono.....taken with new Canon Elph 10mega pixel camera:

HA HA HA!!! FUN with Kimono and new camera!! :)