Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2009 Productivity, thus far an ongoing commitment to productivity I have done the following lately:
  1. worked out Thursday, Friday, Sunday & Monday (days I was on call)
  2. EXTENSIVE grocery shopping
  3. cooking
  4. Yesterday I woke up @ an unGodly hour to drop Sasha off @ groomers..........then went back to bed...I had bad allergies (not a good day) but then I, too, got my hair done....I went to bed early (11pm) that night
  5. Today I went to a Dr's appt and got my oil changed + got an estimate on what I should do to keep my car maintained......turns out my car is in pretty great condition but is due for fuel injector something and needs a new air filter (estimate $211) maybe next week
  6. Worked lots on the puzzle today.....I have made ALOT of progress today but I am not going to take a picture b/c it desn't look that much different......still going to work on puzzle more tonight--- It must be the yummy scrambled eggs w/ artichokes, mushrroms, green onions and cheese I made for breakfast.....brain food...... YES now that I am home more I am becoming a little chefish
  7. OH the hard drive in my computer crashed yesterday-- FUN!! :( Anyway, I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new one they are sending.....and NOT looking forward to starting ALL over (installing crap, etc..)..........Luckily JUST the other day I did back up my ENTIRE computer to a Norton 'secure' on line site..........I don't know how that works, but hopefully it will be helpful
  8. I made turkey burgers for dinner tonight......the day before last we had salmon w/ red potatoes and asparagus
  9. I also made an eye dr appt for tomorrow, but if I get my new hard drive before exam I may have to reschedule, especially since I am may be going to my friend's house tomorrow night
  10. OH------ also mailed one birthday card ON TIME

So......yes, I have been productive.....