Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sometimes I Do Stuff

Perhaps many of you think I hardly ever actually work and maybe you think I am lazy and just sit around on the computer all day facebooking & blogging.....
Well, I do spend too much time on the computer (and I can be somewhat lazy at times) but those are the days I am usually 'on call' for work and my name is like #1-#3 to be called and I know as soon as I decide to do ANYTHING my phone will ring & I will be in panic mode rushing to the airport.
If it was up to me I would work ALOT more and be sitting around worrying about whether I am going to work ALOT less, but as any reserve flight attendant can tell you this is damn near impossible.
However, as a New Year's resolution I am determined to be more productive and not waste my days so much and of course I am going to work out more, too.
Today I was on call for work and I was #1 to be called for a trip but did that stop me from leaving my house and seeing the light of day NO! That's right I said "NO SCHEDULING" My car needs gas, I need to go to the post office and b/c I have actually had VERY few days that I have been actually "off" and not 'on call' in the last few wks I have not been grocery shopping b/c I figured if I did I would go on a trip and everything would go bad.
I have been sick of waking up to NO food for at least the last week and of course several of my beauty products were starting to run out ALL at once---- that's a fun expense at one time.
So today:
  1. I filled my car w/ gas
  2. went to post office
  3. spent an hour and a half @ the grocery store
  4. put all the clean dishes up
  5. cleaned all dirty dishes
  6. put thousands of groceries away
  7. made a dinner that was time consuming and healthy and yummy
  8. bathed Sasha

Ok, so that's about it, but for being on call for work all day and knowing I am on call again for the next 2 days that is sort of alot.

I was also going to go work out, but I was hungry from the previous lack of groceries and decided to make the time consuming dinner which also involved extensive clean up. I also was going to mop the floors and maybe vacuum but its 830pm now and my feet hurt.....I will save that for tomorrow. Plus Joe always gets home later than I am ready to eat so I have to make dinner part 2 in a few minutes.

Just thought I would fill you in that so far 2009 is off to a more ambitious and productive start.........