Thursday, January 22, 2009


So......met with Joe @ car dealership today and everything went REALLY REALLY WELL!!!! SUPER SUPER EXCITED!!!! We got AN EXCELLENT deal......I am financing for 3yrs @ low %rate and my car is coming w/ all inclusive warranty for 3yrs that covers everything including oil changes and new tires!!!!
I pick up my new car tomorrow.....Joe is going to drop me off @ dealership on his way to work----Damn that's early but I will be excited!!!
I am getting a 2009 VW Rabbit.....mine is going to be dark gray (I wish they made it in green but dark gray is cool)
OF COURSE you will be getting ACTUAL pictures of the car ASAP tomorrow but here is a website you can look at b/c I know EVERYONE is VERY interested in this. (by the way I paid way less than that)
I have NEVER had a NEW fact I have barely even had a car......
I leased one like 10yrs ago.......but then when I was living in NYC I didn't need a car so this will be my VERY FIRST purchase for a NEW car!!!