Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Well, Yiska was finally down to 1 think by Sunday......I let her keep the last egg until last night. She has been pretty good about sleeping in the cage away from the eggs so I put her inside the cage & took the last egg off the top of the cage.
This morning was "The Test" to see how this would go over. There seemed to be some initial confusion over where the egg was-- a lot of looking around the top of the cage and some chirping....but rather quickly she settled back into prematernal Yiska.
In other words she is interacting w/ her inital family again...she is talkative (meaning she chirps when I leave the room....when I am in the other room...when I come back to the room.....when I open the door to outside)......she likes her neck scratched again....she's eating and making messes again.
So yes, things are back to normal.....and I have decided that if this egg laying business happens in a year or so (NOT tomorrow) we can probably get through it as a family, again.
She keeps giving Sasha the evil eye and probably thinks she took the eggs.....because basically as siblings often do....She pretty much thinks Sasha is to blame for everything.