Saturday, October 2, 2010

They Claim to be my Parents

Yesterday Sasha and I, arrived in North Carolina to visit my parents. I have to say it has been pretty enjoyable...
Today we enjoyed tea in the morning, had lunch, discussed stuff....then my dad and I played Chess. Apparently this part isn't exciting to EVERYONE, but it is sort of my dad & I's thing so it was really fun, to my Dad & I. It was a GREAT game and I WON...I beat my dad for the VERY first time ever!! To me, this is exciting and momentousness...and I get to say "I WON" forever....even if I lose I can say I won a game!!! It's I think more exciting than when I beat the computer!! :D
After Chess....We all went to the Duck Pond even Sasha came :) She was VERY excited....made lots of friends!! While at the Duck Pond, we found a place to sit and my mom had two loaves of bread for 'The Ducks'.
Well, as soon as we sit down and my parents go to 'feed the ducks' dad throws a slice of bread and it lands in a my mom throws a slice of bread and hits some lady in the head. Yes, THESE are my parents....I wish I had video...Classic.
I think my favorite part after that, though, were all the kids warning new comers to be careful because "That Lady" (pointing at my mom) "throws bread at people".
OMG......I was laughing so mom found it mildly funny.....more annoyed she had more targets between her & the ducks, though.
I found my parents very interested in watching the ducks.....and myself more interested in seeing what my parents might do next. I have to say it was FUN!!
I did take a nice photo of these 2 hooligans that claim to be my actual parents:

Ha ha!! Fun day....Sasha is exhausted as displayed in the picture


Queen B said...

LOVE the picture :)

So when I first read this, I really wished there was video to go along with it. However, the video that my brain created of this series of events is better than even the actual footage could be, I believe!

LOVE your fam :)

Jane said...

Im positng this comment from North Carolina