Sunday, December 12, 2010

COURTSIDE front row Rockets Game!!

Well....those of you that are my FB friends already know about this......and are probably sick of it...but NOT ME!!!! WOO HOO!!!!! How many chances in your life do you get FREE Courtside tickets to ANY National Sporting Event.....(NFL, NBA, etc...) Truly the forces came together and this worked out this evening.
Soooooo EXTREMELY excited and IMMENSELY grateful, to my friend, Jennifer!!!! She Truly Rocks on about a MILLION different levels!
It is always EXTRA fun when you get to experience something spur of the moment and it just sort of cosmically works out!!
The entire experience was GREAT...being RIGHT ON the court...beign with one of my great friends, and taking pictures and seeing UP CLOSE 'The Game'. I won't bore you with a long blog...b/c really the pictures say more than I could, so I will add some pics, and that is about all there is to say/ show.
I hope you enjoy:

Other pics are on FB, or in b/t my phone & here you go for now....
An amazing evening with great friends.
December feels like a Good month and hopefully 2011 will be, as well.....
*Fingers Crossed*


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So cool!!!

Kim Thomas said...

This is almost as spectacular as you blogging again