Monday, December 27, 2010

Roommates Are Fun, I think

After I left NYC, in August 2006, I was happy living alone….it was a nice change from sharing a multiple bedroom apartment with roughly 2 people to each room. I was just turning 30.
It wasn’t really by choice that I left NY, but that is a story in itself….and has little relevance to the subject of this post.
I embraced living alone….Since then I have been married and am now nearing a divorce. Through my marriage I always found the oddity in 2 people attempting to coexist. Obviously, my ex husband and I did not do very well. Mind you, as roommates, we were not bad…..and many things I found humorous about our differences. However….this post is not about THAT either.
This post is about where I find myself, NOW. Once again….living with a roommate….at 36.
Most people are over it, by this age, but I think….for the most part it’s fun. When I was married I used to think I needed a roommate, b/c although my ex is a good person….we were not GREAT together and I wanted someone to hang out with…someone to talk to….and someone to have fun with. Having a roommate can be, at times, like having your best friend stop by and you watch movies together….drink too much wine….or battle the families, with the big car shopping carts, down the aisle at the grocery store.
I think it is funny to come home and wonder why the hell panty hose are on the kitchen counter, and why she can’t figure out how to put the ironing board away (which actually has turned into a VERY good place to put important paperwork….so that works out)…..and in turn…..if my roommate were to come home right now she may wonder why the hell the broom is in the living room which is carpeted.
Answer to that question: It was 30 degrees when I came home this morning and we haven’t had to turn the heater on. I held out as long as I could, but when I took a shower and 2 cats and a dog tried to crawl into the shower b/c that was where the warm water was coming from…..I knew it was time to turn on the heater, at least on low. Since it hadn’t been used it, AT ALL, it at first emitted a burning smell, thus setting off the smoke detectors, fanning them with the broom is the obvious answer to solving that. I had been awake forever and am jetlagged… manana, manana I put the broom back.
Why does my 5’2″ 90lb roommate need 4 towels and 3 washrags to shower?? hahhahaha……this is the stuff I think is funny. Peoples’ idiosyncrasies are fascinating to me.
We are both out of town A LOT… we have some time alone….and in my opinion this month I have had too much time alone. I enjoy being able to talk to my roommate….I like cooking for us. I like picking out movies and discussing all sorts of things, together. Sometimes we share frustration and sometimes we probably frustrate each other, but to me… is still learning something new everyday and smiling @ our differences.
I am lucky….I have somewhere to live and it happens to be with one of my best friends, someone I clicked with a few years ago while working. We have been friends since. I never imagined, THEN, that NOW, we would be roommates…..another thing I love about life. You NEVER know where you will be no matter how you imagine things.
Some people NEED plans…..and I am not going to say I am completely void of that….but I also embrace new adventures and the way things happen to fall into place. I am definitely spontaneous and I enjoy the things I end up experiencing from that…most of the time.


Diane said...

I cannot believe you just turned on the heater. I have had mine on for at least 3 weeks. Roommates are fun for the most part.

Queen B said...

Hmmmm.... in the years when I should have been dealing with roommates, I was very anti-roommate. I considered it a personal accomplishment that I got both my roommates freshman year of college to vacate our dorm room by February. That was my first and last roommate experience, until the King, of course. Now, living with him introduced a whole new set of challenges, but that is beside the point. I like living with him ;)

I did LOVE being your weekend-roommate while in school. Maybe I could be cut out for roommates.... or at least the right roommate.

Jane said...

Roommate adventures can be the best

5'2"? 90 lb? Please, that is one of my legs

Kim Thomas said...

I never use a wash rag....people come to my house and want one and I don't have any.....congrats on the new roommate

Secreteeyore said...

I agree with the Queen. In my sorority house, I was the only sister who didn't have a roommate. I never had a roommate until training for work and three weeks in Bayonne NJ where I often cried myself to sleep and displayed classic depression. My next and only roommate will be my husband. :)