Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Year's Resolutions??

Wow.....been soo busy...COMPLETELY forgot about even thinking about New Year's Resolutions.
  1. Worked to Caracas, Venezuela
  2. Spent a week in Cozumel (day after work)
  3. Day after Cozumel worked to Rio
  4. ONE day off
  5. BACK to Rio
  6. 2 days off
  7. Buenos Aries over XMas
  8. 1 day off
  9. go to work and after 2 hrs of sitting there go to Seattle and back (red eye)---- then when I got in, @8am, had to go BACK to airport SAME night
  10. after ending that assignment I had to go to London 11hrs later
  1. Day after London trip.......had to go to court and finalize divorce
  2. 1 day off
  3. then worked to Sao Paulo
  4. 1 day off
  5. back to Buenos Aries
  6. next day Interview for promotion
  7. (same day as interview) 4 days off but with friend in town--fun, but still draining
  8. work....luckily was able to tackle many aspects of tax return filing during this work period
  9. back to Sao Paulo (tomorrow....1/19/2011)
In the meantime, just trying to take care of things.....like divorce paperwork, court, getting house up for sale.....and even interviewing for a promotion.
OMG.....for people in the 'normal' business world this may not seem stressful, but for me!! OMG....I haven't worked on resume, or EVEN thought of updating resume!!! Aaaahhhh!!!
So......OMG.....yes, I WAS able to complete EVERYTHING: Application....reference letters, and updated resume. I was lacking in interview update skills and was EXHAUSTED, so VERY NOT sure how I did.....I will keep you updated.
Been somewhat obsessed about how I did, in interview, but have also resolved myself to if I get the promotion it is meant to be....if not.....another time will be better, when I am more prepared, perhaps-- BUT I DO hope I receive the promotion.

New Year's Resolution: Move on in a positive direction........not so much defining specific goals. Being a better, more positive and giving person in all aspects of my life and hoping that the strong and difficult decisions I made towards the end of last year will serve me well.....and perhaps lift a burden that allows me to be more open to amazing opportunities and seeing the world in a different light.


Queen B said...

good perspective on the interview/promotion.

I like the idea of not having a laundry list of resolutions but rather an outlook :)

Diane said...

Good luck with your promotion! That is a lot of traveling.

Secreteeyore said...

Good luck with your promotion! :) I think you'll be super great at it... When will you know?