Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Yertle the Turtle: Pet vs. King

Our home has a turtle…I think turtles are awesome…I have never had a turtle as a pet, though.
I love animals, and am great with pretty much all of them—‘pretty much’ –My past indicates I lack the knack for aquarium pets.
I am not interested in maintaining an aquarium…even though I love the aquarium animals.
I had 2 Beta Fish…both died. I suspect Vino Tinto was ailing prior to my parenting, and well…Sergio; Sergio committed suicide while I was cleaning the beautiful vase that was his home.
They were both well-loved and both were given my highest ability of ‘Fish Life Quality & Longevity’.

All that being said…since the turtles and fish were already here when I made my debut; I left the care to more experienced handlers.
That is still true, but I have gained an interest in contributing to the Turtle’s life with us. It began yesterday when I could hear him banging around in the tank.

I went to check on him and found him literally stuck under a new addition to his environment: A Rock

Later my boyfriend and I headed to Petsmart. Sasha needed dog food and Kevin wanted to check out new filters for the Turtle tank.
When I met up with Kevin, in the Turtle area, I asked what the turtle might like to improve his environment and life.
I was given many helpful tips on what does work and what doesn’t, along with very good reasons that corresponded.

I eventually found ‘stackable rocks’ and after careful consideration was given approval to bring them home for Yertle.
I can’t remember the Turtle’s real name, so I call him Yertle.
I can’t remember the Parakeets real names either, so they are now ‘Pancho & Lefty’

I made this video earlier today after introducing Yertle to his new ‘Stackable Rocks’

Yertle and His Kingdom

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